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About your cash back

Spenderoo Membership allows you to earn while you shop online, it's money for nothing so why not take advantage of our 100% cashBack scheme. Read on to find out more about how some of our Members are earning £100s of pounds a month.

What is cash back?

When you make a purchase online, instead of visiting the retailer directly, if you follow the shortcut from the Spenderoo website, a percentage of the money you spend will be paid into your cashBack account.

How do I get cash back?

Spenderoo receive a commission from the retailer after your purchase is confirmed. We pay 100% of that commission into your cashBack account and, providing you are a Member, when the balance in your account reaches £25 we'll send you the balance, simple as that!

How much cash back will I get?

Different retailers pay different amounts of cashBack varying from 1% up to over 20%. However the average is around 5% of your total purchase excluding Postage and Packing.